My entire life, I have always been uncomfortable with my nose. I Always felt that it was ugly, and it was all anybody ever looked at. I finally bit the bullet and did something that most people might call overkill. I had Rhinoplasty Surgery performed at Rhinoplasty Sacramento. At first, I was extremely nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, and I always thought that the staff would judge me right when I walked in. I couldn’t have been more than wrong. The staff was very courteous, and they made me feel like family.

My first appointment was basically a consultation. I walked in, signed in at the receptionist desk, and waited to be called. It only took about 5 minute to be called! I walked in, and sat down in the office. The doctor walked in and we talked about my options. We didn’t just talk about different shapes, but we talked about why I wanted to have Rhinoplasty done! I really appreciated the doctor taking that time with me. It was a little hard to talk about at first since I’ve never really talked about doing that, but as soon as he asked me a few questions, I was like an open book! I told him how I always looked at my nose, and how I thought it was all anyone ever noticed. But he re-assured me that My nose didn’t look bad at all, and told me it was all just personal preference. If I wasn’t happy with my nose, I should get it changed because it’s what I wanted. I ultimately decided to go ahead with the procedure, so we set up another appointment to iron out all of the final details.
When my second appointment came along, I had a fairly good idea of what I was looking for. What made it even better was the doctor had a picture of me on his ipad that he was able to adjust the appearance of my nose with! He was able to change it right in front of my eyes. I have never seen anything so marvelous! Trust me, If you guys have been thinking about having this done, You absolutely need to visit Sacramento Rhinoplasty today! You will leave a completely happier person!


Office at Sacramento Rhinoplasty

The day finally arrived for my procedure, and It went smooth as can be! I was thrilled with how simple everything ran. I didn’t feel anything, and recovery was just a few weeks. When I took my bandages off, I was absolutely speechless. I could not stop looking at my nose. It was absolutely perfect! The experience was something I would share with anybody looking to have this kind of surgery done. Now, everywhere I go, I am confident with myself. I’m confident with how I feel, the way I look, and the way other people view me. Overall, I am a much happier person, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Rhinoplasty SACramento!

If you live in a different area, be sure to check out California Rhinoplasty for an office near you!

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